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08:55pm 29/02/2004
  *updates his LJ by cellphone and gnaws his fingernails to rags*

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06:04pm 08/01/2004
mood: bouncy
The only song I've been listening to on the way here has been Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde. Oh god man I'm going to be so freaked out if someone pokes me and their all pointy teeth.

... I am so never drinking pabst again, either.

Oh my god, they're already taking their shirts off! Dude!

... oh, those are fans?!




I'm hiding in the car, okay?
04:19pm 13/08/2003
  Okay man, that does it. I'm sick of you know, just sitting around on my butt being scared and gnawing my nails down to stubs while my mom is nagging me about it when I could be down in new zealand with the guys and you know I'm not doing anything right now so man I want to go there like. Right now. Yeah.

So guess what?

*kicks hard on the door to Orli's place*

Open up, man! It's me!
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01:20pm 18/06/2003
  Something happened last night.

*stares at computer screen for ten minutes*


I was walking down this trail, in a park, that one where we did our first filming.


I need a drink before I write more. Yay legalness, man.
02:38pm 01/06/2003
  MTV Awards:


Man, she is such a beautiful woman.

Would not believe the dream I had last night, that was so scary. Just that stupid eye, lidless eye staring at me. Not something one wants to be dreaming about at night, huh? But nope, had that. Not easy being the Ring Bearer, no sirree.

Emailed Parker a couple days ago, thinking of going back to New Zealand for a little while and I really want to, but things are always so busy I keep wondering if I can do that you know? Not sure if it'll happen, maybe things will clear up soon and I can do that. Just a visit, not like I'm moving there or anything, I mean I lived there for a long time so its easy to think of that place as a sort of home. Though I like living with my mom, cheaper and she does my laundry and I'm lazy like that.


Sheeshe. Kids these days.

*pets cd rack* It'll be okay, my children. The bad music is gone now.
01:24pm 28/05/2003
  It's been a while since Ian last came over and visted me here in Santa Monica...that last time was pretty wierd let me tell you. I don't remember giving him a key to the place, did I? But yeah, I come in after a big party with some friends, and we were thinking about some breakfast at Mel's 'cause their french toast is so good man, god don't get me started on that stuff, but he just grabs me while I'm wondering why the hell the lights are out in the house and I swear I jumped about three feet. All Gandalf on me...it was sort of creepy, that man needs to stop hanging out in New Zealand so much. Starts going on about the ring, he looked sort of I dunno, scared or something, asking if the ring was safe. Maybe some people have been making threats my mom's not been telling me about, that's sort of scary to think about, I should probably ask her but I don't really want to explain why Ian was in the house like that, ugh, she'd kill me.

Anyway, been thinking about heading back to New Zealand. Not sure yet though. Seems sort of like that whole thing you know of returning to The Shire, but not quite. More like returning to something I don't really understand, a bit world in a small place. I mean, if I loved New Zealand that much I'd be living there instead, right? Guess I'll go see what everyone's up to there anyway. Sean's there, I know that, and I heard a bunch of the others are there now too. No idea what Dom's up to, everyone keeps acting like I'd know exactly what he's doing, which is so not true, I don't understand what that's all about. Crazy people.

I think the Monkey is going to go have a smoke and listen to some smashing pumpkins. We think correctly? Yes we do.